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I'm Natalia - Seattle Family Photographer.

Based on Bainbridge Island

Hello, I’m Natalia Crabtree, a professional photographer based on the picturesque Bainbridge Island. With a passion for capturing the essence of families, expectant mothers, and newborns, I bring an artistic, authentic, romantic, and vibrant touch to every photograph. My lens is a storyteller, preserving timeless moments with a keen eye for detail. 

Join me on a visual journey where emotions are frozen in frames, celebrating the beauty of life against the scenic backdrop of Bainbridge Island or Seattle surrounding areas.

Photography I Offer

From heartfelt family moments to new beginnings, my photography captures the essence of life in Kitsap and Seattle greater area.

Recent Captures

Explore the latest moments frozen in time – a glimpse into the artistry and storytelling found in my most recent photographic endeavors.

Bainbridge Moments Await – Book Your Session!

Embark on a photographic journey right here on Bainbridge Island. Reserve your session with Natalia Crabtree Photography and let’s weave the story of your unique moments against our island’s picturesque backdrop.